"It’s funny to see how many twists and turns a journey can take to lead you back to the beginning"



Maree's love for creating has never been in doubt. At the age of  sixteen she became the photographer for the school magazine and quickly discovered the delights of the darkroom, toiling for hours on bizarre double exposures and curious collages.

She went on to study photography at Wellington School of Design, before international adventures lured her away. Love and family eventually brought her home to settle in Mount Maunganui. With no shortage of stunning seascapes and natural beauty surrounding her, Maree reignited her affinity with the camera. 

That early infatuation for the darkroom was replaced by a passion for innovating, editing, and creating imagery with its own distinct style. Though her photographic journey has taken her through numerous weddings, editorial, and fashion and portrait shoots, her foremost goal is to create original creative images, filled with love and connection for you to cherish in years to come.


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